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Friday, June 08, 2007


Over Memorial weekend I was blessed to get days off to visit with my mother, sister, nephew, and Kyleigh (with her Mom). Stacie graduated. Man, that was quick.

Kyleigh is a lot of fun. She talks and walks and carries on a little chatter to herself. What a cute kid! One of the things I did with her was to raise my hands above my head and say "Wooo- Hooo!!" She would hold her hands up and mimic a perfect but very tiny "Woo-Hooo!" I'm afraid she thinks that is my name, because she sometimes just did it when I walked into the room.

If her mormal response to me ends up being "Wooo-Whooo!!!"when she sees me, then I think I can live with it....

What a blessing to have Laura and Kyleigh home to visit.


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