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Friday, June 08, 2007

Back Home at Last

After spending about 7 weeks out on a job in New Mexico, I am really, really glad to be back home. Being gone so much (actually leaving Sunday nights and coming home Saturday morning each week) I am really out of touch with all my family and what's going on. That close contact with everyone I treasure here is becoming more and more important to me; probably a result of heart tenderizer applied by the Lord despite my armor-like hide.
During this job and the many windshield hours, I have asked some questions.

What is it that makes us desire a relationship with one person but not another? Some folks (even those very unlike me) seem to attract my friendship like a magnet, while others simply do not. Is it just a willingness to seek a connection? Is it a timing and circumstances event? Or is it more?

I have made overt attempts to seek close connections to a number of people the past couple of years, simply by inviting it over and over, taking the initiative to approach. It is amazing what has blossomed from my meager efforts, so amazing, in fact, that I am certain the Spirit is involved. That is not to say it has been 100%, because some have just not worked. But... I have made a dozen+ new friends that are already very special friends. I have known most of them for some time and we never hit it off, so it seems a little effort and a little Spirit do significant things.

Sometimes I think the Lord has all these huge treasures for us, but we spend most of our efforts investigating the box in which they're stored.


  • At 12:32 AM, Blogger pawatson said…

    Wish we could have a few of those people gather round us right now. Hold us and the Bigby family in your prayers.


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