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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On Saving Marriages

Last night and today I have read comment after comment on PreacherMike's site about divorce, remarriage, and the church. There is so much pain there that my screen is almost weeping. I have a story to tell that has helped me stay faithful to my wife, and I am sure there are lots of other stories out there, which could help someone else avoid a really awful situation. Here's mine:

When I was 17, I was dating my dentist's daughter. He was also a good friend in the church. He got me in the chair one day and introduced me to his pretty assistant, Cindy. Then he told me this:
"I want you and Cindy both to hear this. When you work around someone of the opposite sex every day, whether it's school, work, church, or next door neighbors, you will likely become friends. Sometime after that, the opportunity will present itself for you to become sexually involved. I guarantee it. What I want you to do is be aware of that, and decide NOW what you will do with that. Make up your mind what you will do, because it WILL happen."

He was right, it has happened several times, and I was prepared. I walked away, a little disturbed, but I walked away. I would like to think I would have reacted the same way if the dentist had never given that speech, but who is to say? I have told my children this, and hope they are prepared. We get married in an ideal world, where there would never be any concept or thought of infidelity, nor even temptation to be unfaithful. Joseph could testify to us about that. We should prepare ourselves and our kids for those times, because they will probably come to them, as well.

Are there any others out there who are willing to share something to help save a marriage? The story might be either negative or positive, something learned the hard way, or something passed on from a wise mentor, but I think there must be thousands.